Children's Hope

Children's Hope


Children's Hope believes that education is a fundamental human right. The organisation set up in 2000 has three key aims: provide education for the most disadvantaged children residing in Bangladesh’s Dhaka urban slums, provide healthcare and offer vital financial and nutritional support to their families. 

The place education at the top of the agenda because they believe it’s the key to breaking the poverty cycle for good. 

Sadly, slum life sees most children drop out of school at an early age to contribute to the family income. To combat this, Children’s Hope provides free healthcare for the whole family of a sponsored child and offer a family support scheme with huge incentives for parents to keep children in full-time education. 

These opportunities are a lifeline to the most underprivileged and hard-to-reach children and their families. Their far-reaching policies work to transform the lives of many Dhaka slum residents way beyond the students they sponsor.  


So far their sponsorship programme has helped 73 students complete a university education. 

Their Pregnancy Scheme provides antenatal care for expectant mothers to ensure the safe delivery of their babies.

They provide a variety of support services including checkups, nutritious meals, wheelchairs, grants and respite care to meet the needs of children with a severely disabled.